Burning Mother

by Blastronaut

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released 15 November 2013



all rights reserved


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Blastronaut Manchester, UK

If you listen and decide that you can hear blistering riffs, well structured tunes and the odd nice harmony, then we've done our job.

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Track Name: Bullet Hoof
Bullet Hoof

They drawn out my time
And thrown down the fear
Let the beast inside
And the tragedy was clear

I've worn out my soul
And dragged in the guilt
Found the pain too much
Triggered fire

And my soul still longs to be
Knowing you and living free
Track Name: Carnage In Carthage
Carnage In Carthage

Carnage in Carthage breeds pillage and damage

A thousand archers' graves
A coward's demand
Trade shaded by their faith
As they stand in a land
Of blood and sand


Heave to the drum oars to the sun

Elissa founded Phonecian queen
The city plundered under thunder
Slaves on their knees

Restored to life times one two three
The shining city will meet Hades
Track Name: Choke

Hide your knowledge in tombs of gold
Cease ideas from being sold
Create a picture out of earth and leaves
Damaged memories as winter bleeds

Dig shallow holes peppered with bones

Burn the family bury their crest
Corrupt the corpses in a charred forgotten nest

Dig shallow holes peppered with bones

Disposed in rags and stitches
Collaborated with dark witches
Souls cracked and splintered
Ashes form the epicentre
Track Name: Welcome Disturbance
A Welcome Disturbance

Forlorn survivours left
Shredded idle instinct
A gentle power shift from general to precise
Malicious crowds amass consume our forgotten prayers
Buried beneath our cause
Reviving ancient war

Reviving ancient wars

I swallow wretched time
Expel a futile lie
Enclaved in finite binds
A welcome disturbance

My drive is all I need
Mired in sordid conspiracy
Please let me die alone

Now watch me twist and turn
I'll run my course and crash and burn
A faceless hero I'm gone gone gone

It's time for a fresh idea
With everyone pushing north
Don’t need no deluded seer
Turn around and watch it go off
Track Name: Sugar Lips
Sugar Lips

Locked shocked and loaded
Looking down the sight
Chemically eroded
Lost human parasite

Remains of childhood soul
Memories of light

Another day of waste
Another scar to hide

Screaming winds stand high
Fear crawling 'cross the land
Howling winds they climb
Explosions from my hand

Another day of waste
Another scar to hide
Track Name: Down River
Down River

Skimming a down stream dream
Advanced ahead shiftless and idle
A sorry collection of desperate souls
We don't follow no Roman roads

There's something in front of a blinkered eye
Suggests to go left then right then right

Something that won't be easy
A request that's out of sight
Something that won't be easy
The darkened flavour of delight

Down river
Track Name: Great Year
Great Year

Civil serpents set to devour their prey
Hungry beyond words the stations feast
The cityscape befalls a wild dreamscape
And the violence of speed and speed of violence
Hits you right in the face

Perceptions prophesised in binary
Running at speeds which exceed reality
Conveyabelt science feeds a mechanic chief
The painful pace causes untold grief
Hits you right in the face

I like production on a massive scale
My kin plugged with their souls on sale
Travelling to work in jammed jet planes
Covering their eyes every time it rains
Track Name: Solar Exodus
Solar Exodus

Hallowed soil corrupt with tyranny
Nature's milk sucked dry
Effusive drones draw blood from a sleeping giant
Legacy denied

Her hands come with a silent push
Ripped veins in the sky
Sacrificed a taste of what's good
Acerbic taste of night

Bridges burn from one mind to the next
Life sustained by wires
Free spark borne decrepit loins
Radiated fires

Take my hand burning mother
Don't let my heart grow cold
Free my sense to grow old
Radiate my extinction
Don't let my heart grow cold
Free my sense to grow old

Breathe in
Breathe out

Take my hand burning mother
Don't let my heart grow cold
Free my sense to grow old
Track Name: Synthetic Sun
Synthetic Sun

The elders breath melts a frozen song
Spitting smiles through a knowing tongue
Amongst the plans in a chest of lies
Berzerker sons hear their mothers' cries

Mothers' cries

Barefoot march through the vacant cold
The journey starts on a barren road

Barren road
Forsaken road

Underneath the celestial night
In a time devoid of light
Close your eyes and crave the fight

Looking round to see the battle won
Bestow our thanks to synthetic sun

Synthetic sun
Track Name: Strategy Of Buying Blind
Strategy of Buying Blind

White teeth greeting through a tainted smile
Drifted cold spirit in a sphere misled by the curse of going blind
Too old with old with spite and living fearless
Cold sweats and anxious

I'm blinded by retreat
Of your unspeakable deceit
My Earth decorated fire
You've aborted my empire

Too old with spite and living fearless
Cold sweats and anxious